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I miss you.. 
And us..

when every middle of the night, awake from my sleep and start to miss you, missing every part of you, every part of us. every inch our memories. guess, i'm awake and i wake up and i send a short text to you when i feel down, when i need you at times, when i got nightmare and i kept telling you quickly. i can't sleep when the nightmare haunt me, you said "i'm not going anywhere.." you're always with me and i know that. i'm not the type of person who rajin terjaga tengah malam but when i'm with you, kerap juga. no, i don't think it bother my sleep, maybe i just want to make sure that you're still with me, still love me, stay and not leave me alone. one thing, i'm still afraid. afraid of losing you, sayang. i can't rid this feeling. you said "just focus apa yang depan mata, kita tak tahu yang akan datang.." yes, i've already prepared for it, but i'm not prepare to losing you. every night before i close my eyes, i think of you and never missed to say that i miss you. even we're on texting, or even you're beside me tho and sometimes you don't know about it. i hide it all, i don't want to mess you over the same things over the same words. slow down, i'm so sorry. when i'm think about you, its happiness. 'cause my empty soul just gone. and you've filled it so well. sayang, i have nothing to impress you, i'm not perfect. and i'm trying to be a good girl for you. and you know how much i love you. just look at how i act when i'm with you or even when you're not around. keep spamming you and start to overthinking. i can't describes it but i know i love you, all of you. i wish you feel that i miss you right now. xoxo

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